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#IrishElections: PES apoia Traballo no goberno irlandés




IrlandaO presidente do PES, Sergei Stanishev, anunciou hoxe o firme apoio da familia socialista europea ao partido laborista irlandés na súa campaña electoral.

Sergei Stanishev addressed Irish people who will vote this Friday: “I don’t need to remind the Irish people how important these elections are. They have seen their effect that political decision making can have on their country. Five years ago the Irish economy was reeling after the banking collapse. As part of the government, Labour has been instrumental in returning to a strong economy, with real effects for the Irish people. As part of the government, Labour have introduced marriage equality, paid paternity leaves and created 135,000 new jobs.”

“When they are returned to government, Labour will continue standing up for working people, by creating new jobs, reducing the tax burden for low and middle earners and transforming the minimum wage, into a living wage.”

“Labour is the party which stands up for women. They recognize that it is now time to bring Ireland into line with other European countries by giving women their bodily autonomy and legalizing abortion. Labour will hold a referendum to repeal the 8th amendment. They will also cap childcare costs, ensuring that women can be full members of the labour market. I urge voters in Ireland to support the Labour Party this Friday.”

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