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Siria crise: os traballadores máis humanitarios mortos




Aleppo_2766372bRespondendo á noticia de que tres membros do seu equipo nacional foron mortos na cidade de Aleppo no norte de Siria en 7 de xaneiro de Cooperación Internacional, Axuda Humanitaria e Resposta á Crise Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva has made the following statement: “I was deeply shocked and saddened by this dreadful news. I share the grief of our partner ‘People in Need’ and send my condolences to them and especially to the families of the victims.

“Once again, humanitarian worker s have sacrificed their lives in service to humanity. The Syria crisis is fast becoming the most dangerous crisis for the humanitarian community with deaths and kidnappings being reported on too-regular a basis. There have been an estimated 33 Syrian Arabic Red Cross volunteers and 13 UN staff members killed since the outbreak of the conflict, and numerous abductions of aid workers. What is particularly tragic is that these attacks will again result in the reduction of the ability of humanitarian workers to provide assistance to those in need. It is an additional punishment on the long-suffering Syrian population. The safeguard of those providing humanitarian aid as well as complete and un hindered access must be ensured by all parties in the conflict.”

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